Reception Maths games

Posted by Mrs Lee on Thursday Mar 28, 2013 Under Numeracy

Here are some links to some activities the children may enjoy playing over the Easter Holidays;

Counting & number order


ICT games

Counting with Teddy

Count the bananas

We hope you enjoy the games, comment and tell us your favourite.



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Reception ICT

Posted by Mrs Lee on Thursday Mar 21, 2013 Under Foundation

Reception have been practicing their keyboard skills using  this website

They have learnt to use both hands on the keyboard and to use all their fingers.

DSCN0039[1] DSCN0040[1] DSCN0041[1] DSCN0042[1]


Well done to Reception for all their hard work.

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Reception ICT

Posted by Mrs Lee on Tuesday Mar 12, 2013 Under Foundation, ICT

Reception have been looking at the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. In ICT they created animations of the story.

Click on the pictures to see the animation, we hope you enjoy them!


Skye Goldilocks sophie goldilocks Stephen Goldilocks Tyler b Goldilocks Tyler d Goldilocks Untitled vincas goldilocks Alfie Goldilock Alwyn goldilocks amelia goldilocks Archie Goldilocks Ben Goldilocks Carly Goldilocks Damien Goldilocks Danny Goldilocks Elijah Goldilocks Elissa Goldolocks Ella Goldilocks Emily H Goldilocks emilyj goldilocks Finlay H Goldilocks harrison goldilocks hubert goldilocks imram goldilocks Jack Goldilocks Jessica Goldilocks Josh Goldilocks leah goldilocks lelanb  Lilli Goldilocks Louis Goldilocks Luke Goldilocks Maizie Goldilocks Michella Goldilocks Ole Goldilocks olivia goldilocks Owen Goldilocks Robin Goldilocks Robin Goldilocks 2 Robyn Goldilocks



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