Reception ICT

Posted by Mrs Lee on Monday Sep 24, 2012 Under Uncategorized

Reception used PurpleMash to create pictures of colourful buses.

Reception Buses on PhotoPeach

7 Responses to “Reception ICT”

  1. Rachel Says:

    lovely to see all of the wonderful pictures, though sadly we didnt see one by Sophie.Great buses!! Well done reception children.

  2. Angelene Says:

    Fantastic buses! I was thrilled to see Kylas bus and so was she 🙂

  3. Revina Says:

    Great buses! Going to show Megan when she gets home from school. Can we get copies of their work?

  4. lisa Says:

    this is a fab idea,was so lovely to see my boys bus,as he really enjoys i.c.t.

  5. Angelene Says:

    Shame we can’t copy the pics, it would be nice to save their work somehow either by an individual database or an email with the pic attached.

  6. Michele Says:

    Was lovely to see the some of the work that Harrison has done, he was so excited to see his work on the screen. 🙂

  7. Gina Says:

    These are fantastic, Amelia was so excited to show us what she has been doing at school with her friends.:)

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