Reception Fireworks

Posted by Mrs Lee on Monday Oct 31, 2011 Under ICT

Children in Reception enjoyed using 2 Paint a Picture to create their Firework pictures. Please tell us what you think of our pictures.


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Nursery ICT

Posted by Mrs Lee on Thursday Oct 20, 2011 Under ICT

Nursery came to the ICT Suite today and used a website to create an Autumn picture.

They remembered what they had seen on their Autumn Walk and used that when creating the pictures using their mouse skills.

To visit this website click here.

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More Reception bear stories

Posted by Mrs McHugh on Friday Oct 7, 2011 Under Uncategorized

Elsie”s bear story (mp3)
Honey”s bear story (mp3)
Isobel”s bear story (mp3)Sean”s bear story (mp3)
Braydon”s bear story (mp3)
Laylon”s bear story (mp3)
Demi”s bear story (mp3)
Ethan”s bear story (mp3)
Bethan”s bear story (mp3)
Danniella”s bear story (mp3)
Caragh”s bear story (mp3)
Caitlyn”s bear story (mp3)
Ruby”s bear story (mp3)
Freya”s bear story (mp3)
Jack H Bear story (mp3)
Taya”s bear story (mp3)
Oliver”s bear story (mp3)
Yusra”s bear story (mp3)

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Reception Bears stories

Posted by Mrs Lee on Wednesday Oct 5, 2011 Under Literacy

Reception children have been reading the story of the Three Bears, they have made their own versions of the story and recorded them.

Please listen to our stories and add a comment to our blog, we would love to hear what you think of them.


james”s Bears story (mp3)
Alfie”s bear story (mp3)
Zoe”s bear story (mp3)
Ella”s bear story (mp3)
Corey” bear story (mp3)
Michael”s bear story (mp3)
William”s bear story (mp3)
Evangeline”s bear story (mp3)
Emily”s bear story (mp3)
Maya”s bear story (mp3)
Kieron”s bear story (mp3)
Anja”s bear story (mp3)

Holly”s bear story (mp3)

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